Competition Categories


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Vehicle and Transportation Design ChallengeMusic, Audio and Sound Design ChallengeFurniture and Homeware Design ChallengeToy and Recreation Design Challenge
Fashion and Travel Accessories Design ChallengeLighting Design ChallengePackaging Design ChallengeHospitality, Recreation, Travel and Tourism Design Challenge
Social Design ChallengeInterface Design ChallengeArt Materials, Stationary Supplies and Gift Items Design ChallengeGraphics Design Challenge
Aerospace and Aircraft Design ChallengeActor, Talent and Model Design ChallengeMedical and Scientific Design ChallengeFood and Culinary Design Challenge
Pet Supplies and Products for Animals Design ChallengeSpacecraft, Spaceplanes and Spaceship Design ChallengeChemical Products and Consumables Design ChallengeDigital and Electronic Devices Design Challenge
Idea Design ChallengeUnexpected Design ChallengeWriting, Literature and Content Design ChallengeBathroom Furniture and Sanitary Ware Design Challenge
Computer Graphics and 3D Model Design ChallengeYoung Design ChallengeInformation Technologies Design ChallengeAdvanced Design and Design Research Challenge
Safety Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment Design ChallengeMeta, Strategic and Service Design ChallengeBanking and Finance Instruments Design ChallengeBakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Challenge
Movie and Animation Design ChallengeFuturistic Design ChallengeHeavy Machinery Design ChallengeProsumer Products, Tools, and Machinery Design Challenge
Urban Planning and Urban Design ChallengeHome Appliances Design ChallengeMultidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Design Challenge
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